I’m Crying

One day I wake up
from the sleep,
By hearing an alas
in deep,
I stood up and look around
nut no one, I found
I thought, who is crying
may be somebody dying,
Suddenly my heart
move fast,
It is the voice of dying hope
I revive the past
by turning the nobe.We does nothing which have worth,
and are not behave to earth,
We are running in the known
As making statue without image
of perfection,
I lost friends and lost amiability
Should I’ve to feel guilty,
my mind split into parts
by making different kind of charts,Don’t know what to do
and how to initiate,
I think more & more
do the problem great………
I lost my elation
and lost my all creation,
who can give it me back
I found no one near to me
on my track.
Who put his hands on my shoulder
and give back my hope,
put all my need and dreams
together and in tie them in a rope…I did not sleep that night
even I keep on fight,
With all my feelings
even I keep on trying,

B’cos its not sound of anyother
Its me who is “Crying”

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